Including but not limited to.

Design of corporate image elements

Full scale graphic design of corporate image, from the logo to the graphic elements. Design of printed corporate image elements (letter paper, business card, envelope, dossier), based on approved logo. Creating advertisments and mutations based on a finished corporate image.

Letter papers, business cards, stamps

Production of small corporate image products fit to the company designed image. We are glad to help try out the new ideas with professional advices, if they aren’t yet fully outlined.

Ring folders

Folder for filing which has an advantage, it’s content is changable. It could be made with „O” or „D” shape ring, 2 or 4 ring mechanism, in a uniqe size with additional pockets or packets (for CD, DVD).

Dossiers, folders

It provides a nice appearance and practical case for price offers, introduciton publications, presetations, in occasion of exhibitions, buisness meetings. The folder spine could change depend on the expected amount of files. Thanks for our existed tools it could be produced cost-efficient or it could be ordered with unprinted glued packet,even one piece as well..

Company publications

We could introduce ourselfs to the market participiants and acquaint them with our products and services by a printed broshure. In size and inmplementation they are moving on a large scale, depend on the purpose of it, the content is changing and with it the number of pages as well.

Paper bags

A beautiful and useful bag is a handheld carrier of advertising for the company. More sizes can be made depending on the version, but custom sizes can also be manufactured. The ear’s design could be paper ribbon, drifted or cord.

Flyers, fanfolds

It has long been a tool used in the transfer of information in written form. Whether it’s about a product, promotion or about a game.

Envelopes, packets

The small corporate identity contains the envelopes, packets. However,they are often made for invitations of events, sending out special offers. They are available in standard sizes with silicone closure, with printed or unprinted lining versions.

Tabulir array

In case of goods acceptance, delivery, provision of services (eg, repair, preservation), it is useful to record the datas in multiple instances, because everyone should own a copy from the document. They contains the same serial number, so you can refer to this later on, or can be retrieved based on it. Depending on how many copies needed, the array could have two or three sheets.


The manufacturer has to provide document for the product, according to the law. One of these is the manual, which shall also be manufactured when thousands of pieces are being sold, and even if only a few. In both cases, we can help in the production and pagination as well.

Graphic design, pagination

If you don’t have print-ready material, do not despair. We undertake the full graphic design of printed materials, and the pagination of books as well. If you already have an existing material, but it is not ready for printing, there is no problem either, because we undertake the preparations of incorrectly cast materials also.


Whether hard- or softcover, perfect bound books or thread attached, to standard or custom sizes, to us it’s not a problem. We undertake the pagination and the preparations of the books, and also the design of the cover and we make the full scale production, even only one issue as well.

Catalogs, newspapers

Printing of small and medium quantity of catalogs, newspapers and periodicals in a high quality.Producing special issues, samples, retractions, means no problem to us.

Spiraled booklets, stiched broschures

For publications, brochures there are several bookbinding technic to choose from. Such as spiraling and stiching. The spiral can be black, white and silver metal double helix. The stiching could happen with a conventional or omega staples.

Attraps, displays, woblers

To events, restaurants, various actions could be used which can act as an advertising space. In the case of woblers we could make various specific forms, which is just fit for the current event.


We are creating boxes using cardboards from several basic models to the quite unique solutions. Before production we are making a sample in case of the customer bring the box plan and if we design it as well.

Tables, billboards

We also prepare tables for indoor and outdoor as well.To exhibitions, for decoration, in purpose of giving information. For outdoor use, it is important that the product has to be UV-resistant and durable. With oue technology the print is UV resistant for 3 years. For scratch resistance we suggest a laminating film for protection.


It can be ordered in two sizes with a mechanism and a belonging carrier bag. Dimensions: 85×200 cm and 100×200 cm. For existing mechanism exchange prints is possible.

One way vision perforated film

Perforated window film that provides more than 40% visibility. A great solution for decorating shop windows, glass doors, windows.

Invitation cards

Exclusive look and a large scale of creative materials are available in order to always reflect the product quality and the atmosphere of the current event. With laser cutting and punching we can achieve any creative form and with our expertise to help realize any ideas. In addition to make the product unique we can print with gold and silver as well.

Coasters, glass rings

To creating a coherent overall picture for an event it’s the perfect advertising medium. For cafes and pubs is an essential tool.

Menus, Drinks

From leather-bound version to the, laminated, spiraled, drilled or rubberbind solutions it could be made by any of these technics as well as using screws in purpose of removable inner pages. The material selection is really large, we recommend a waterproof, tear-resistant, outdoor use availabel plastic.


Labels are requierd in many areas, such as pricing, product labels, logo, informations, warehouse inventory records. We can use paper or plastic base material, the surface can be matt or gloss, the shape of it could be rectangle, circle or any other unique shapes.During production we always keep an eye on that the label be easily separable from the substrate, so it gets scratching from front or the back side.

Laminated cards

To ensure the durability of the product we laminate it both sides. For example membership, loyalty cards, access cards, and it can function even as business cards. These can be personalized with a unique code (number, line, QR), but the contents could be unique, like images, or other items, for each piece.

Uniqe shape products, laser cutting

With our laser cutting and engraving equipment we could make any specific shapes for the products moving on a large scale materials. Whether it’s tree, plexi or paper, we can create a sample, int hat shape which the customer ask.


To send our wishes with postcard is popular again, so it could be a good way to express our messages, thoughts ans impressions for friends, family and also for companys.


Our Calendars are available in several sizes and models. From the spiral version with a hook to the desktop version. The graphics in it, of course, are individually selectable. It could reflect the companys corporate image, but can cover up the whole year activities of foundations, and institutions as well.