Environmental product charge
In the absence of the declaration there is an obligation of payment, in that case this charge will be indicated as a separate item on the invoice.

Applicable fees: In case of the paper doesn't qualify as advertising carrier 85 HUF/kg+VAT, in case of packaging materials 19 HUF/kg+VAT, in case of office paper 19 HUF/kg+TAX.

Based on the detailed definition in the second paragrafh 26. Point in the law, there are three cases to purchase the ordered products free of the environmental charges:

a) the product contains on the printable surface less then 50% advertisment
b) periodical, published by a non-profit organization, government, government bodies, issued among the basic tasks
c) book, textbook

The Cypress Printing Service Ltd. Doesn't take any responsibility of the declared and paid product fee and incorrectly classified goods if it was classified incorrectly by the customer.

For further informations please visit the site of NAV's environmental product charge: (http://nav.gov.hu/nav/vam/kornyezetvedelmi_termekdij)