Substance transfer
The size of the file is under 10 mb
Please send us attached to our e-mail address:
The size of the file is over 10 mb
Please send us with a file transfer site (mammutmail, toldacuccot, wetransfer) to our e-mail address:
File format
Print ready, CMYK composite PDF

CMYK, min. 300 DPI, if its possible JPG without compression.

All the fonts in the substance should be embedded or tranformed to curves. The embedded font, the black text should be included only on the black color extract not on all 4 color. That is refer to the bar code as well.

After correction and acceptation, we cannot take respondibility for grammar and content mistakes..

We kindly ask you that in the substance please put only the colors which will be printed. If you use direct colors please use it only on that object (objects, fonts, images) which would you like to print with direct color. In case of CMYK jobs we suggest to use Fogra 39 color profile. If you would like UV polish, effect polish or the job should be punched please give us this layers as direct colors (on different color extract).

We kindly ask you to transfer us the substance with crop marks, print marks, and if it’s neccesary creasing marks and perforation marks.

We kindly ask you to transfer the substance in the which was determined in the order. In case of bleed we ask +3-3 mm oversize.

Specialities related with technologie
The punching draw and the UV polish could be placed with other color on the graphic, or to a different page of the pdf, or to a totally different file as well. It has to be vector graphic (not pixel graphic) in every case.